Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 11, 2001

It is the policy of the Board to provide transportation for those students whose distance from their school or circumstance makes this service necessary. School buses shall be purchased, housed, and maintained by the Corporation for the transportation of resident students between their home areas and the schools of the Corporation to which they are assigned.  The Superintendent may substitute small vehicles providing they comply with FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) and the Motor Vehicle Safety Act.

Transportation of eligible special education students between their home areas and schools shall be arranged through the use of Corporation-owned vehicles, through cooperation with other Corporations, through commercial carriers, and/or by other means in the most efficient and economical manner when the case conference mandates transportation.

Transportation between home area and school will be provided for each resident student attending a State approved nonpublic school within the Corporation as public school students on established routes, as required by law.

Vehicle routes shall be established so that an authorized vehicle stop is available within reasonable walking distance of the home of every resident student who is being provided the corporation's transportation services.

I.C. 20-27-11-1
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