Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 11, 2001

The transportation for all field and other Corporation-sponsored trips is to be by vehicles owned or approved by the Corporation and driven by approved drivers.  Exceptions must have the approval of the Superintendent.

The Corporation shall assume transportation costs for a certain number of approved field trips that enhance curriculum and educational experience.  It may also assume the transportation costs of Corporation-sponsored trips including co-curricular, athletic, and other extra-curricular trips upon the approval of the Superintendent.

Transportation for field trips may be limited by the availability of vehicles, drivers, and scheduling needs.

All field trips and other Corporation-sponsored trips shall be supervised by staff members.  Any time students are in the vehicle, at least one (1) staff member is expected to ride in the vehicle to supervise.  Upon return to the Corporation the staff member is expected to supervise while students are waiting for rides until all students are picked up or have properly vacated the premises.

All students are expected to ride the approved vehicle to and from each activity.  A special request must be made to the staff member or sponsor by the parent, in writing, to allow an exception.  Parents may not be denied the privilege of taking their own children after activities or events have ended.

Generally students will not be allowed to drive on any trip, however, an exception may be made by the principal on an individual basis provided the student has written parental permission to drive and does not transport any other student.

A field trip shall be defined as any planned journey for one (1) or more students away from school premises, which is under the supervision of a professional staff member and an integral part of a course of study.  Other Corporation-sponsored trips shall be defined as any planned student travel
activity which is approved as part of the Corporation's total educational program.

The School Board may approve those field trips and other Corporation-sponsored trips which take students out of State and keep students out of the Corporation overnight or longer.  In the event the Board does not meet in time to approve a trip, the Superintendent shall have authority to approve it.  The Superintendent shall approve all other trips and shall report the field trip information to the Board as soon as possible.

Students may be charged reasonable fees for field trips but no student shall be denied participation for financial inability, nor shall nonparticipation be penalized academically.

I.C. 20-27-9-6
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