Board Policies

Adoption Date: Sep 15, 2009
Revision Date: May 01, 2015
A revised copy of the student meal charge guidelines will be given to parents during registration at the beginning of each new school year. The guidelines will also be posted on our MCS Food Service webpage. Meal charges are strongly discouraged, but it’s understood that the occasional emergency makes charging lunch necessary. It is strongly encouraged that parents/guardians make meal payments in advance via check sent in a sealed envelope to the school or via the online payment method. Cash back will not be given to a student with a check payment.
After the first of the school year when free and reduced lunch applications are processed, food service personnel will allow a charge.  The Food Service Department will attempt to contact the family by phone after one charge occurs. If the negative balance is not resolved or food services personnel are unable to contact the parent, the building principal or their designee will contact the family
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May. 06 2015