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Revision Date: Aug 22, 2013
In all Marion Community School Buildings, an Individual Health Care Plan shall be developed for each student with a documented disability due to a life-threatening food allergy.  Once notified of the disability, the following may occur based on the student’s Individual Health Plan.
K-4 Elementary Buildings:
  1. The requirements of the IHP will be adhered to
  1. Signs may be posted outside the student’s classroom, in hallways, and in the cafeteria indicating the food item(s) that may cause a life-threatening allergic reaction
  1. Food items containing the known allergen may be eliminated from the lunch menu
  1. School personnel will be educated about the food allergen and symptoms of an allergic reaction
  1. Tables will be designated by the building principal for students who bring the prohibited food item to school
  1. Protocols will be adhered to around cleaning surfaces touched by food products, washing of hands after eating, etc.
Intermediate, Junior High, and High School Buildings:
  1. The requirements of the IHP will be adhered to
  1. Based on their ages, students will practice self-care
These measures shall be taken in conjunction with Marion Community School Policy 8530 – Allergy Management Policy adopted by the School Board of Trustees on June 26, 2013.
Board Policy 8530
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