Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 09, 1992
Revision Date: May 28, 2004

All policies of Marion Community Schools shall adhere to Indiana General Schools laws, applicable Federal laws and regulations, and employee agreements and/or contract.

The bylaws of the Board of this Corporation incorporate quotations from the statutes and administrative code of the State of Indiana as well as from the Federal statutes and regulations.  Such quotations may be substantively altered only by appropriate legislative, judicial, or administrative actions.

Whenever the following items are used in these bylaws and policies, they shall have the meaning set forth below:

Administrative Guideline          

A statement, based on policy, usually written, which outlines and/or describes the means by which a policy should be implemented and which provides for the management cycle of planning, action, and assessment or evaluation.


The Board of School Trustees of Marion Community Schools.


Rule of the Board for its own governance.

Master Contract

A collectively-negotiated document with a recognized bargaining unit.


Marion Community Schools.

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