Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 27, 2003

The Board delegates to the Superintendent the function of designing and implementing the guidelines, required actions, and detailed arrangements under which the Corporation will operate.  These administrative guidelines shall be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board.

The Superintendent may also issue such administrative and student handbooks as s/he may consider necessary for the effective administration of the schools and distribute them to employees and students and/or their parents.

A copy of the Corporation’s administrative guidelines manual and a copy of each handbook shall be made a part of the Board’s reference materials maintained in the Corporation office.

The Superintendent shall maintain a current organizational chart to which immediate reference can be made by the Board or any employee of the Board.

The Superintendent of schools shall be the chief executive officer of the Board and the administrative head of all divisions and departments of the school system.  S/He may delegate responsibility for the operation of various segments of the school system, but shall be responsible to the Board for the results produced.

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