Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 14, 1991
Revision Date: Jan 25, 2006

The Board believes it is essential that it evaluate the Superintendent’s performance periodically in order to assist both the Board and the Superintendent in the proper discharge of their responsibilities and to enable the Board to provide the Corporation with the best possible leadership.

The Board shall evaluate the Superintendent’s performance as follows:

A. Once each year the Board and the Superintendent will jointly review the Superintendent’s position description to ensure it accurately reflects both the Board’s expectations and the realities of the Superintendent’s day-to-day responsibilities.  To the extent that there are discrepancies, the position description will be modified.

B. Prior to December 1, the Board will summatively evaluate the Superintendent’s progress toward evaluation objectives and prepare a written evaluation of his/her performance based on:

1. results in achieving evaluation objectives and Corporation goals,

2. strengths and weaknesses identified by the Board in fulfilling expectations set forth in the major responsibilities of the position description:

3. other concerns agreed on by the majority of the Board, and

4. the written evaluation will be specific, contain dissenting opinions and will be completed by December 31. It will be signed by the Board President and the Superintendent and one (1) copy shall be placed in a Superintendent’s personnel file maintained by the Board President.  A duplicate copy will be retained by the Superintendent.

C. The Board and Superintendent shall meet one (1) other time during the year to formatively review the Superintendent’s progress. This formative session will be held in June and will include review of progress toward completing Corporation goals, evaluation objectives, and other concerns of the Board or Superintendent.

D. All evaluation meetings will be in executive session and all evaluation reports will be considered confidential.

E. As necessitated by the seating of new members on the Board and other changing conditions, the full Board and Superintendent will review both the Board-Superintendent relationship and the evaluation process.  Such review will include analysis of the Superintendent’s management responsibilities and the respective roles of the Board and Superintendent.

As an outcome of the evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance, the Board should be prepared to judge the advisability of retention of the Superintendent and:
A. be helped in the determination of the Superintendent’s salary;

B. identify weaknesses and measure the Superintendent’s progress toward remediating them;

C. establish specific objectives, the achievement of which will advance the Corporation toward its goals.

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