Board Policies

Adoption Date: Apr 28, 2004

As a general guideline, it shall be the policy of the Board in planning for staff utilization to maintain the following average class loads:

A. Overall District ratio, grades K-12

1. The overall District ratio, K-12 of 1:30 i.e., one (1) teacher to thirty (30) students.

2. It is recognized that there will be some variation in class sizes.

3. No individual class should exceed thirty (30) in grades 1-3, nor thirty-four (34) in grades 4-6.

4. No kindergarten class should exceed thirty (30), with sixty (60) being the maximum for a given teacher with two (2) classes.

5. No elementary school should exceed an overall school average of thirty (30) students per class, based on estimated beginning enrollment.

6. At the secondary level, it is to be understood that some classes, such as typing, choral and instrumental music, and physical education will normally exceed the proposed ratio of 1:30.  Certain classes, such as advanced math, advanced languages, and remedial reading may be below the ratio.

7. In the event of unusual circumstances, the above limits may be exceeded upon recommendation of the Superintendent.

B. Special Education Classes

Class size will generally follow the guidelines established by the State statute, specifically, Article 7.

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