Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 15, 2002

The Corporation assumes the obligation to provide apprentice teaching opportunities for student teachers from Indiana Colleges and Universities.  Regular teachers shall serve as master teachers for the student teachers.

A student teacher is defined as a teacher trainee, an observer, or an intern.  The Superintendent or designee shall determine the number of trainees that shall be placed in the schools at any one time.  Care shall be taken to see that no school or teacher is overburdened.

Requests for the placement of a student teacher in the Corporation shall be initiated by the college or university officials and directed to the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel.

Responsibilities between student teachers, supervising teachers, principals and the teacher education institution are to be specified in detail with each sending institution.

Student teachers, within the classroom and at all school functions, shall be subject to the rules and regulations of the school to which they have been assigned and under the direction of their supervising teacher.

The supervising teacher may leave the classroom with the student teacher in charge of the class, but the supervising teacher shall at all times, retain responsibility for the class and program of instruction.

Student teachers may be asked to act as a substitute for their supervising teachers in the latter’s absence, in an emergency lasting not more than one (1) day.  In the event the emergency lasts more than one (1) day, the Corporation shall notify the University and may, after obtaining the consent of the University, reassign the student teacher to another supervising teacher.

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