Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 27, 2008

Professional staff members may be confronted with situations, which if handled incorrectly, could result in liability to the Corporation and personal liability to the staff member.


It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to prepare administrative guidelines to ensure the maintenance of the following standards:


A.                Each professional staff member shall report immediately to the principal any accident or safety hazard s/he detects.


B.                 A professional staff member shall not send students on any personal errands.


C.                 A professional staff member shall not associate with students at any time in a manner which gives the appearance of impropriety, including, but not limited to, the creation or participation in any situation or activity which could be considered abusive or sexually suggestive or involve illegal substances as tobacco, alcohol, or drugs.


This provision should not be construed as precluding a professional staff member from associating with students in private for legitimate or proper reasons.


D.                A professional staff member shall not transport students in a private car without the approval of the principal.


E.                 A student shall not be required to perform work or services that may be detrimental to his/her health.

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