Board Policies

Adoption Date: Sep 25, 1996

Administrators employed on twelve-month contracts are entitled to vacations as follows:

1. First contract year – two weeks vacation
2. Second contract year – three weeks vacation
3. Third and succeeding contracts – four weeks vacation

Corporation Administrators on ten (10) or eleven (11) month contracts who are placed on twelve (12) month contracts are entitled to vacation based on years of service as follows:  Administrators signing first twelve (12) month contract with one year experience are entitled to three weeks vacation; with two or more years of experience are entitled to four weeks.

All vacation time must be taken during the contract year July 1 through June 30.  Vacation time cannot be accumulated and carried forward to the following year without written permission from the Superintendent.

Administrators on twelve-month contracts are required to submit vacation requests to the Superintendent for his/her approval.  A copy of this approval will be forwarded to the Business Office.  Administrators are responsible for seeing that their vacation dates are accurately recorded on the appropriate payroll forms.

All administrators working on twelve-month contract are required to be on duty during the regular hours when the central administration office is open unless they are absent due to vacation, personal business leave, etc.

Administrators who resign prior to completion of their contract year will receive vacation days prorated to their length of service during the contract year.  In the event an administrator, at the time of resignation, has used more than the entitled number of days, his/her final paycheck will be reduced accordingly.

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