Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 27, 1993
Revision Date: Aug 28, 1996

The Board recognizes that a support staff member has the right to work in an environment untainted by sexual or other forms of harassment or discrimination.

Sexual harassment includes all unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and verbal or physical contacts of a sexual nature.  Other forms of prohibited conduct includes discrimination based on gender, religion, race, color, ethnicity, age, disability, and/or limited English proficiency.  A support staff member who feels that s/he has been harassed should consult and follow the procedures in the Discrimination Procedures Manual.

The harassment of a staff member or student of this Corporation is strictly forbidden.  If after following the procedures in the Discrimination Procedures Manual any support staff member or agent of this Board is found to have harassed a professional staff member, student, or other employee of this Corporation, s/he will be subject to discipline in accordance with law and/or the terms of any applicable collective bargaining agreement.

The Superintendent shall ensure that the policy, names of compliance officers, and Discrimination Procedures Manual are available to all support staff members in appropriate places throughout the Corporation.

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42 USC 2000d et seq.

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