Board Policies

Adoption Date: Feb 27, 2001
Revision Date: Mar 12, 2003

The Board directs that the assignment of students to schools within the Corporation be consistent with the best interests of students and the best use of the resources of this Corporation.

The Board shall periodically determine the school attendance areas of the Corporation and shall, for the purpose of planning, assume that the students residing within each respective area will attend the school so designated.

The Superintendent shall periodically review existing attendance areas and recommend to the Board such changes as justified by the need to maintain effective instructional programs, fiscal and administrative efficiency, and/or a wholesome and educationally sound balance of student populations.

The Board recognizes that selection of a school is an important decision that parents may want to carefully consider.  Parents may want to apply for their children to attend a school other than the one of their district of residence.  The Board expects that each parent request will be honored whenever possible.   Circumstances, such as space availability, may require a student transfer request to be denied. 

The Superintendent may assign a student to a school other than that designated by the attendance area when such exception is justified and is in the best interest of the student, or as required by federal law.

Within each school, the principal shall assign students to the appropriate grade, classes or groups consistent with the directions received from the Superintendent.  In all cases, assignment of students shall be made in the manner that will afford each student the greatest likelihood of realizing his/her potential.

20 US Section 6313(b)(10(E)
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