Board Policies

Adoption Date: Nov 27, 1996

It is the policy of the Board that student groups be recognized as authorized school organizations only if they are approved by the school administration, sponsored by school personnel, composed of members of the current student body, hold the majority of their meetings at school, and have established aims which are educational in nature.

Membership in the organization or operation of any high school fraternity, sorority, criminal organization, or any other secret society as described by law is prohibited throughout the Corporation.

As used in this policy, "criminal organization" means a group with members that specifically promotes, sponsors, assists, participates in criminal activity, and/or requires as a condition of membership or continued membership the commission of a felony or an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult or the offense of battery (I.C. 35-42-2-1).

Gang activity will not be tolerated in any areas under the jurisdiction of the Corporation.

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