Board Policies

Adoption Date: Nov 27, 1996

The Board recognizes the value to students of sharing their talents and skills with the community through participation and performances in public events.

The Board endorses such performances when:  they constitute a learning experience which contributes to the educational program; they do not interfere with other scheduled activities of the school; and the circumstances of the event do not pose a threat to the health, safety, and well-being of the students who will be involved.

All requests for public performances by students require approval of the principal who shall report same to the Superintendent.

The building principal shall develop guidelines to implement this policy which require that:

 A. parental permission is sought and received before students participate;

 B. when public performances are scheduled as a regular part of a course of study taken   for credit, students shall be informed in advance of the obligation to participate and   will be excused from participation only in accordance with established administrative   guidelines;

 C. when a request for a public performance is not part of the regular program, all stu-   dents who are members of the group invited to perform are polled for their willing-  ness to do so and no request for a performance will be granted unless the faculty    advisor believes a sufficient number will participate to represent the school fairly and   will acquire a valuable learning experience;

 D. no student, group of students, or employee of this Board may receive personal com-  pensation for the performance in public by students organized for a school activity,   but may collect a donation to an approved student activity fund;

 E. the interests of our students be protected and guarded against exploitation;  and

F. student behavior is governed by common courtesy and the Student Guidelines.

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