Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jul 13, 2006

Maintaining a safe and orderly learning environment is the responsibility of the school administration. The use of law enforcement will only be exercised within the following guidelines:


  1. Directly solicit the assistance or intervention of law enforcement only under any of the following conditions:


    1. A student has committed an act that must be reported and or criminally investigated,


    1. A student that is out of control—belligerent and endangering himself or others and who repeatedly refuses to comply with employees’ instructions,


    1. To accompany school personnel on home visits, and


    1. In instances where MCS has hired police officers for additional supervision, officers act on our authority.  While officers possess inherent authority and responsibility, they should be directed to act as stealthily as reasonably possible, taking instructions and direction from the administration.



  1. The administration must inform the parent/caregiver prior to an arrest or interrogation (either before or at about the time that law enforcement is involved).


  1. Decisions about when and if law enforcement assistance is required is a decision reserved for administrators. Secretaries, teachers, and other employees are empowered to call in the assistance of law enforcement only in a rare, extreme situation.



  1. Administrators are expected to tend unpleasant or difficult tasks (e.g., searching lockers and vehicles, questioning students, conducting investigations, breaking up fights, etc.). Police officers may be consulted, used as a resource, or may intervene in an extra-ordinary instance.


  1. Law enforcement should not be used as a bluff to scare or intimidate students.
Policies 5550 & 5600
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