Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 28, 2006



The Superintendent will oversee the following individuals and their responsibilities to carry out the requirements of Policy 5322.


The Food Services Coordinator will supervise the following issues concerning snacks and vending machines:


  1. Vending machines dispensing healthy snacks and drinks such as bottled water, fruit juice, milk, dried fruit, and nuts will be made available throughout the school day, after school, and at all extra curricular activities. Water will be made available through out the school day.
  2. Vending machines that dispense minimally nutritious items such as carbonated sodas, gum, candy, cookies, and chips shall not be available during the school day.
  3. Minimally nutritious snacks and drinks may not be sold on lunch lines as a la carte items.
  4. All school- sponsored events and celebrations of special occasions shall include healthy beverages and/or food among the choices available to participants.


The Food Service Coordinator will report annually on the progress of implementing these guidelines as they pertain to Policy 5322.


Physical activity for students will be incorporated into the physical education curriculum. This level of physical activity, as well as, this curriculum will be monitored by the building principals.


The Assistant Superintendent for Instruction will be responsible to see that nutrition, health, and fitness topics shall be integrated within the health education curriculum taught at every grade level, K-12, and coordinated with the Corporation’s food service program. These topics may be integrated with other curriculum areas as deemed appropriate.


Advisory Council


The Health Advisory Council will meet regularly and will recommend policy changes before July 1 of each year.


The Council shall consider a variety of data, such as: number of students participating in interscholastic athletics, intramurals, and others that the Council might determine.

Policy 5322
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