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Adoption Date: Jul 26, 2006
Revision Date: Aug 28, 2013




A “truant” is defined as a student who is willfully absent from school without the knowledge or consent of the parent and school, or absent from school when there is an attempt to evade the Indiana Compulsory Attendance law.  Under IC 20-33-2-25, the “Superintendent or an attendance officer having jurisdiction shall report a child who is habitually absent from school in violation of this chapter to an intake officer of the juvenile court or the department of child services.  The intake officer or the department of child services shall proceed in accord with IC 31-30-through IC 31-40.” 
A “habitual” truant is defined as a student who is absent more than ten (10) days or more from school within a school year without being excused or without being absent under a parental request filed with the school.  A legitimate excuse shall be those reasons set forth in Indiana Code Sections 20-33-2-14(c), 20-33-2-15, 20-33-2-16, 20-33-2-17, 20-33-2-17.2, 20-33-2-17.5 and any other excuse as described in Administrative Guideline #5200.  Chronic absenteeism includes students absent from school for ten percent (10%) or more of a school year for any reason.  The Corporation will follow all applicable Indiana statutes.  Guidelines will be developed by the Superintendent.  (Effective July 1, 2013 according to amendments to IC 20-20-8-8 under SEA 338.)



Policy 5200
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