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Adoption Date: Mar 20, 2013
Revision Date: Jul 09, 2014
Marion High School
Alternative Physical Education I and II Credits
(PE Waiver)
(Effective with the 2013-14 School Year)
The Indiana State Board of Education has provided flexibility to adapt the high school physical education requirements for students who demonstrate proficiency through other means.
Marion High School provides the opportunity for students to receive Physical Education Credit through participation as outlined below.  If a student and his/her guardian wish to exercise this option the student will be required to adhere to the requirements outlined below.
  • One (1) PE credit will be given for a complete season of a MHS sponsored IHSAA sanctioned sport, cheerleading, advanced concert band (marching band) and show choir.
  • Retroactive credits will not be awarded.
  • A complete season is defined as: first practice to final event.  The student must remain on the active roster the entire season or the duration of the activity.
  • Disciplinary suspensions from the team or activity and academic failure may result in forfeiture of credit as determined by the coach, director, sponsor and administration.
  • At the conclusion of the season or activity, the coach, director, or sponsor will provide a roster of eligible students to the guidance office.  The guidance counselor will confirm
successful participation and place the credit on the student’s transcript as a semester grade.
  • Completion of the standards report at the completion of the season or activity is mandatory.
  • A Grade of A will be granted to all students who meet the requirements for the alternative credit.
Student’s Name (PLEASE PRINT) _______________________________________   will not take PE as he/she will participate in the following IHSAA sports, cheerleading, advanced concert band (marching band) and/or show choir:
____ Girls Cross Country                                  ____ Boys Cross Country
____ Girls Soccer                                              ____ Boys Soccer
____ Volleyball                                                   ____ Football
____ Girls Golf                                                   ____ Boys Tennis
____ Girls Basketball                                         ____ Boys Basketball
____ Girls Swimming                                         ____ Boys Swimming                                       
____ Softball                                                       ____ Baseball
____Girls Track                                                  ____ Boys Track
____Girls Tennis                                                 ____ Boys Golf
____Cheerleading (fall or winter)                       ____ Wrestling
____ Gymnastics                                               ____ Show Choir (Innovations)
____ JROTC (must complete the year)             ____ Advanced Concert Band (Marching Band)
I have read the above requirements and agree to fulfill all responsibilities.  I also understand that by signing this agreement, if at the end of this school year, I have not acquired a P.E. credit, I will be scheduled in a P.E I or P.E. II class the following year.
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