Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 27, 1993
Revision Date: Sep 24, 2008

The Board recognizes that a student must be a legal resident of the Corporation in order to attend its schools. The Board further recognizes that extenuating circumstances often arise and it is for these cases that the following regulations have been adopted.


It is the intent of the Board that all applicable policies and laws in regard to student transfers shall be strictly enforced. The student must meet all eligibility requirements of I.C. Sec. 20-26-11-1 et seq., and any other applicable provision of the Indiana Code or the Indiana Administrative Code, including 511 IAC 1-6-1 et seq.


The Superintendent shall develop the operational procedures and forms necessary for the implementation of this policy.


Requests by parents, guardians, or custodians of Indiana students who do not reside in the Corporation and do not meet the requirements of I.C. Section 20-26-11-1 but who wish to enroll their child in the school system will be considered for enrollment if:


1.      Non-resident enrollment is for educational reasons;

2.      Non-resident student is in good standing in their resident school corporation;

3.      Parents, guardians, or custodians agree to provide transportation to and from the school;

4.      The request to transfer is made before the official ADM date established by the Indiana Department of Education.


Eligible transfer requests made after the official ADM date established by the Indiana Department of Education may be considered for enrollment and will be subject to full tuition costs.


I.C. 20-26-11-2
I.C. 20-26-11-6
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