Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 28, 2013
At the annual organizational meeting of the Board of Trustees after the election of officers, or at any other meeting, the Board may authorize the making and use of facsimile signatures of the Board President and Board Secretary.  For purposes of this policy, facsimile signature includes a facsimile signature stamp or an electronic signature.
With the exception of the Superintendent’s employment contract, all other employment contracts and any changes  made in the terms of these employment contracts may be signed by use of the facsimile signatures only after the Board approves the contracts by a majority vote of all the members of the Board.
Specific use of a facsimile signature on any other school corporation document(s) can only be authorized by the Board by its own motion or resolution.  The Board motion or resolution must state the type of facsimile signature to be used.
The school corporation treasurer is responsible for the securing and safe keeping of the facsimile signatures and for the use of same on all Board-approved documents.

I.C.  5-1-3-2(a)
I.C.  23-15-4-1
I.C.  20-26-4-8
I.C.  26-2-8-202(b)
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Aug. 29 2013