Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 27, 1993
Revision Date: Apr 28, 2004


Security means more than having locks and being sure they are locked at the proper times.  Security also means:

a. minimizing fire hazards;
b. reducing the probability of faulty equipment;
c. guarding against the chance of electrical shock;
d. keeping records and funds in a safe place; and,
e. protection against vandalism and burglary.

The Superintendent of schools is directed to establish such guidelines as may be needed to provide for security in the sense outlined above.


Buildings constitute the greatest financial investment of the Corporation.  It is in the best interest of the Board to protect the Corporation’s investment adequately.  The buildings and equipment owned by the Board shall be protected from theft and vandalism in order to maintain the optimum conditions for carrying out the educational programs.

A program for the security of the school buildings, school grounds, and school equipment pursuant to statute and rules of the State shall be developed.  The School disclaims any responsibility for the theft or damage of personal property on school premises.

Every effort shall be made to apprehend those who knowingly cause serious physical harm to Corporation property and to require such persons to rectify the damage or pay a fee to cover repairs (also see student handbooks).  A reward may be offered for apprehending such persons.

Authorities may be contacted in the case of serious offenses.

A report on each case of vandalism resulting in excess of $1,000 will be maintained by the business office.

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