Board Policies

Adoption Date: Nov 27, 1996
Revision Date: Jan 25, 2006

Use of School Facilities

Corporation facilities may be available for use by groups and/or organizations at times when such usage will not interfere with regular programs and activities of Corporation. Facilities may be used at the discretion of the Superintendent or his/her designee. A fee may be assessed in accordance with administrative guidelines. Facilities may be used for:

A. Educational, civic, recreational, or religious programs and other similar activities sponsored by an organization within the Corporation.

B. Political meetings sponsored by regular organized political parties as recognized on the official Indiana Ballot.

C. Commercial entertainment of acceptable character if sponsored by a community organization of the Corporation providing the proceeds go to the organizations.

D. Athletic event(s) or other activities sponsored by public school corporations located in Indiana.

20-26-5-4 (7)

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