Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 30, 2006




1.                  A Contract is necessary for the use of school property.  This contract must be signed by the principal and lessee and sent to the Business Office by the principal for signatures of the Business Manager and the Superintendent of Schools.  The Superintendent of Schools reserves the right to reject any contract for the use of school facilities and/or equipment.


2.                  A Certificate of Insurance and/or Hold Harmless statements are requirements of a Permit for Use of School Property.


3.                  Rehearsals for programs are not permitted during school hours.  Exceptions may be permitted with building principal approval. (See list of fees for rehearsal charges.)


4.                  All programs must meet school standards for clean, wholesome entertainment and shall be in strict accordance with the building rules of the Marion Community Schools, and not in violation of the laws of Indiana or of the United States. The principal or his/her designated representative on duty shall be in full authority.  Smoking, gambling, and use of intoxicants within the premises of the building are strictly prohibited.


5.                  The use of school equipment is permitted only through special requests and approval and when operated by a school employee.


6.                  All permits issued are subject to cancellation with or without due notice for violation of the terms of the original contract as determined by the Superintendent of Schools and/or School Board.


7.                  The use of the building will be strictly confined to areas designated or included in the contract. The applicant and his/her organization will be responsible for the compliance of these rules by all persons participating in or pertaining to the activity. In case of doubt, the school custodian or other representative of the school system on duty shall have immediate authority to stop the activity. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations will be sufficient reason to cancel future privileges of school facilities.


8.                  No furniture or equipment (including pianos, stage equipment, audio visual equipment, tables or chairs) shall be used or moved without express approval in the contract or consent of the school principal.


9.                  The use of special equipment, such as stage lighting, scenery, curtains, projectors, public address systems, bleachers, etc., shall be permitted only when operated by school employees or other persons authorized by the School Board or its representatives.


10.              The school district and its employees shall not be responsible for damage to or loss of property upon school premises sustained by applicant, participant in a program, or patron of any program held on school property.


11.              No signs, displays, or materials may be attached to or nailed against the wall, window glass, woodwork, draperies, blinds, stage curtains, grounds, drives, etc., without expressed approval on the contract or consent of the school principal.


12.              It shall be necessary for some organizations (depending upon the size of the group) to have police, fireman, and parking lot attendants. This personnel shall be procured by the lessee and submitted to the Business Office for approval.


13.              The right of all concessions and sales of refreshments, sale of programs, pictures, etc., must be approved by the principal of the school or his or her designee.


14.              If cafeteria privileges are desired, the principal of the school will decide if such privileges can be granted. Employees of the Marion Community Schools cafeterias must be employed when cafeteria kitchens are in use. No cafeteria equipment can be loaned or rented for use outside of the building.


15.              Any school buildings rented by a business concern, manufacturer, or any individuals for advertising purposes cannot offer merchandise for sale during the time the building is leased. Industrial shows or events where all merchants of Marion have the privilege of participating would have the privilege of contracting sales. Exceptions may be made with the special permission of the Superintendent.


16.              All rental of school facilities must stipulate that custodial or school employee services be provided by the school corporation and must be paid by the lessee.


17.              School facilities cannot be rented if there is a probability of damage to the school facility by the lessee’s use.


18.              School facilities cannot be available free of cost to any non-school organization of the Marion Community Schools district unless special permission is granted by the Superintendent or his/her designee.


19.              School property, including equipment and tools are not to be taken from school for personal use.  The building principal may give permission for staff members and students to take equipment off school premises, if equipment is to be used for a school related purpose.  A borrower will need to show proof that his/her personal insurance will cover any loss or damage to school property.


20.              Lessee must pay the rental and other charges as stated in the contract. The rental check must accompany the contract when presented to the Business Office. Any exceptions must be noted on the contract by the principal.


21.              Free-will offerings or donations will be considered the same as paid admissions when determining rental fees.


22.              If a request is received to rent a Corporation property not covered by this policy, the following procedure will be utilized.


A.     The Building Administration and the Business Office will determine if the property is available for rent and will determine a rental charge.


B.     A Building Rental Permit form will be filed with the Superintendent of Schools for his/her approval or denial.


Click here to access Business Office files, including, Permit Application for Use of School Property and a document listing steps for requesting such usage.

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