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Adoption Date: Jan 31, 2007

Technology Purchasing Guidelines

In the realm of computer equipment and related software, there are a vast array of models, vendors, and brands to choose from.  In order to make the most appropriate technology purchases possible, it is important to follow the guidelines, regardless of the funding source, as stated below.



  • To ensure compatibility with all hardware and software purchase
  • To maintain an accurate inventory of technology equipment
  • To ensure the most economical purchasing
  • To ensure purchases can be supported by existing technical staff
  • To provide equitable computer systems to all students
  • To continue the four-year replacement cycle as planned



  • All requests must be submitted to the Technology Department via the “Technology Requisition Form” which has been provided. If you need additional forms, contact the Technology Department.  This form must be signed by the building principal.
  • The technology department must approve all computer hardware purchases.  This includes, but is not limited to, the following:  computers, printers, scanners, projectors, video cameras, digital cameras, computer monitors, computer headphones and microphones, keyboards, mice, network devices, and servers.
  • All instructional computer software purchases must be approved first by the Instructional Services Department.  Once approved, requests must then be approved by the Technology Department
  • As a general rule, the purchase of additional computers for your building will not be approved if it falls outside of the four-year replacement cycle.  It is important that building principals and the technology department plan accordingly.


Policy 7540
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