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Marion police: MCS bus not involved in bicycle crash

Posted: by Patricia Gibson, Communications Director
News Blog Category - News A Marion Community Schools bus was near the scene of a bicycle crash yesterday afternoon. The Marion Police Department has issued the following statement, verifying the bus was not involved in the crash:

The text of the release is copied below:

Marion Police Department

Media Release

Release Date: February 15, 2018

On February 14, 2018 at approximately 4:21 pm, The Marion Police Department responded to 4th & Baldwin Avenue for a reported bicyclist crash in front of a bus. Upon arrival officers made contact with the bicyclist Danny Trosper II, age 18 of Marion on the northeast corner of the intersection.

Officers were advised that perhaps a school bus (Marion Community Schools, bus 98) was involved, and that the bus was heading east on SR18.

Officers were able to locate the bus, and spoke with the bus driver Tamera Brown. Brown reported that a bicycle rider drove in front of her bus rather quickly and hit a curb rather hard wrecking onto the sidewalk.

Brown advised that her bus didn’t make contact with the bicyclist. Brown advised that due to her bus not making contact with the bicyclist, and the fact that her bus causing a traffic jam – she then continued on with her bus route.

Officers then walked around the bus to check for any possible damage. The exterior of the bus was dirty and wet due to the street conditions. Officers found no smudge marks or damage to the bus.

The bicyclist Danny Trosper II was seen by medical personnel on scene and transported to Marion General Hospital due to road rash to his right shoulder, a nose injury and a bump on his forehead.

Three witnesses reported that they didn’t see any contact between the bicyclist and the bus, however they did see the bicyclist on the ground by the curb.

Trosper was unable to give officers details of the incident. He received medical treatment, and was released from Marion General Hospital at approximately 9:00 pm.

Submitted by:
Deputy Chief Stephen D. Dorsey