In the spring of each school year, Marion Community Schools will administer the Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination (IREAD-3). The purpose of the IREAD-3 assessment is to measure your child’s foundational reading standards through grade three.  The IREAD-3 is a summative assessment that was developed in accordance with Public Law 109, which requires the evaluation of foundational reading skills for students who are in grade three to ensure that all students can read proficiently before moving on to grade four.

The IREAD-3 Individual Student Report is divided into the following sections:
Dear Parent/Guardian – This section explains the purpose of IREAD-3 and introduces the report.
How do I use this report? – This section includes possible next steps for you, your child, and your child’s school, and whom to contact if you have questions.
Overall Score and Performance Levels – This section indicates the student’s overall score.
  • The graph and corresponding text identifies student performance in one of two categories: Pass and Did Not Pass.
  • A Pass score of 446 or above indicates that the student has met the expected level of learning.
  • A Did Not Pass score of 445 or lower indicates that the student has not met the expected level of learning.
Performance by Academic Standard – This section contains information about the student’s performance by Standard as measured by the items on the test.
  • The information in the table shows:
    • the Standard for each area
    • the student’s percent correct for each Standard (based on the number of items that assessed each Standard)

Foundational reading skills: Beginning in kindergarten, these are the skills needed by students in the initial stages of reading development and beyond. These skills focus primarily on the ability to decode words and comprehend the basic meaning of what is read. Students who lack the foundational skills assessed on IREAD-3 are likely to have difficulty understanding the reading selections and answering the test questions. Students with adequate foundational reading skills will have greater success applying higher-level skills as they read to learn. Foundational reading skills assessed on IREAD-3 include:

If your child does not pass the IREAD-3, he/she will be offered remediation services during the summer and have an additional opportunity to pass the IREAD-3 assessment.  If your child is unable to pass this assessment at the end of the summer, he/she will be retained for an additional year of 3rd grade instruction.

If you need an additional copy of your student’s IREAD-3 results, please contact your child’s elementary principal.