Promotional materials: Spread the good news!

Below are links to download pdf versions of materials promoting various programs and facets of Marion Community Schools. Want to share them with your friends? Just link to this page on social media, or email a link to this page!)


  • Art Education at Marion Community Schools - an overview of opportunities at every level.  
  • Marion Community Schools High Ability Program - highlights the mission and goals of the program and gives an overview of the curriculum, parent resources, and more. 


  • McCulloch Junior High School - an overview of opportunities for our seventh and eighth grade students, including advanced high school credit, one of the best music programs in the state, a wide variety of athletic programs, and more. 


  • Little Giants Preschool - an overview of our nationally recognized, tuition-free preschool program, which includes half-day and full-day classes. 


Fact Sheets