Cyber safety program

Marion Community Schools periodically brings in educational programs for students aimed at helping them stay safe.

One such program is the Cyber Safety program, which provides young people with age-appropriate information to empower them to take control of their own information and image during online interactions.

Marion students in grades 3 through 12 will hear a special presentation from a youth educator working with the Indiana State Police Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

This presentation will focus on ways to protect your children during their online interactions thorugh any web-connected devices, such as: 
  • Computers at home, school, a friends house, the libary, and more.
  • Cell phones
  • E-readers (like Kindle or Nook)
  • Game consoles (like Xbox or Wii) and handheld devices (like the 3DS or Vita)
Topics will include age-appropriate information regarding protecting personal and private information online; cyber bullying; and inappropriate content and interactions.

A parent information session will also be offered. If you have concerns or questions, we encourage you to attend this information session, or to contact your building principal.

Click the links below to view details about the sessions:

Why focus on cyber safety?

All children deserve to live healthy, happy, abundant lives. Unfortunately, too many are dealing with the pain of online victimization and bullying, which can have a powerful and far-reaching effect on a child’s life, but can also have a ripple effect for our schools, our community, and our world.

Children who interact online can face inappropriate content, privacy concerns, bullying, and even exploitation.

This presentation aims to provide young people with age-appropriate information to empower them to take control of their own information and image online.

Prevention and intervention can be key to breaking the cycle and create a safer and more successful community for us all.