Champions Together

Marion Community Schools' Champions Together program encompasses the Unified Basketball season, which features teams from all of Grant County’s public schools, as well as the Unified Track season, when the Giants compete with schools from around the area and at the state level with a tournament system just like any other varsity sport affiliated with the Indiana High School Athletic Association. This year it also featured the Little Feet Meet, a fun event that featured various track and field activities for children of all abilities. While Marion Community Schools has participated in Unified Basketball for a few years, Unified Track and the Little Feet Meet were new in 2016, as was the affiliation with Champions Together. 

In the coming school year, students will again have the opportunity to participate as Unified teammates, as volunteers, or even just as fans. Like any other athletic event, Unified games and meets take many hands. We're looking for an announcers, scorers, teammates, cheerleaders, M-Club cheer block members, and concession workers. Ask yourself, “Where could I serve best?” If you would like more information about how you can get involved, contact the Special Services Department at 662-2546, ext. 139.

Click the links below to take at look at photo galleries of some of the previous programs: