Bus Route Reminders

  • Please have your child/children ready at the specific time given for the bus arrival.
  • If your child/children are picked up at a home-stop, please call the Transportation Department at 664-4237 if they will not be riding the bus that day or any specific dates.
  • At times, buses may be running a few minutes later than normal due to roads and winter weather.
  • For any delays or cancellations, please check the Main Page of the Marion Community Web Site. (Information is updated within 30 minutes of the time of the delay or cancellation.)

School Boundary Lookup

If you are looking to find in which school boundary your address falls then you have come to the right place.

Look up which school boundaries service a local address with our Infofinder i tool.  Click on the link below, enter in an address, and the schools that service that address will be displayed.  You will also be notified if the address you enter falls within a Non-Transportation Zone.

Infofinder i for Marion Community Schools