Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jul 22, 1998
Revision Date: Feb 14, 2007

The Superintendent, or designee, shall be the "records access officer" and he/she shall assume responsibility for public records release decisions.


All requests for access to public records shall be received during regular business hours on regular business days.  Requests must identify, either on forms provided by the Corporation or some other format, the record for which disclosure is sought.


Records may be inspected or copied only at the office or location where they are regularly maintained.


Fees for copies shall be as established by the Superintendent, but may not be greater than required by law.


Fees are payable before any record is duplicated, and may be paid by cash or money order payable to Marion Community Schools.


With respect to records that are determined to be not available, the "record access officer" will certify upon the request form that the Corporation does not possess the record or that it could not be found after diligent search, and return one copy of the form to the requestor.


The "records access officer" shall be guided first by the Indiana Access to Public Records Act and amendments, if any; second by the state and federal law regarding privacy, confidentiality, and disclosure requirements of certain public records; and third, by this Board's policy which excludes certain records from disclosure.


The Corporation will not create or provide lists of names and addresses unless it is required to publish such lists and disseminate them pursuant to statute.

I.C. 5-14-3-4
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