Board Policies

Adoption Date: Mar 14, 2000

The Board recognizes that vending machines can produce revenues which are useful to augment programs and services to students and staff.  It authorizes their use in Corporation facilities provided that the following conditions are satisfied:

A. The installation, servicing, stocking, and maintenance of each machine is purchased from a reputable supplier.

B. The Corporation's share of the revenues are managed by the building principal in accordance with the relevant Board policies and State Board of Accounts regulations.  Proceeds from vending machines used by students must be receipted into an account that will serve the students. (i.e. Student Activities Fund)

C. No products are vended which would conflict with or contradict Corporation policies and State and Federal regulations.

Annually the Director/Coordinator of Food Services shall provide information on appropriate regulations governing competitive food services.

Regulation 210.11 Competitive Food Services
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