Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 11, 2001
Revision Date: Apr 11, 2012

The Board authorizes the transportation by private vehicle of students of the Corporation.


Any such transportation must be approved, in advance and in writing, by the building principal.  The writing must set forth:


            A.        the date, time, and reason for the transportation;


            B.        the places from and to which students will be transported;


            C.        the name and address of the driver;


            D.        the date of birth of the driver;


            E.         the number of the driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle in the

                        State of Indiana;


            F.         the names of the students to be transported;


            G.        a brief description of the transportation vehicle including license tag



            H.        the signature of the driver;


I.                   proof of insurance;


J.          indication of any/all driving infractions within the past (12) twelve months.


The parent/guardian of the participating student will be given, the name of the driver and the description of the vehicle.  Written parent/guardian permission including medical release form are required for any student to ride in a private vehicle.


Persons approved for the transportation of students in a private vehicle shall be the holder of a currently valid license to operate a motor vehicle in the State of Indiana.


No person shall be permitted to transport students who is not the holder of automobile liability and personal injury insurance in the amount required by law.  The Board may withdraw the authorization of any private vehicle driver.


The driver of any private vehicle including Staff members transporting students will be responsible for the discipline and control of those students.


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