Board Policies

Adoption Date: Sep 25, 1996

The Board recognizes that contests and exhibits may benefit individual students or the Corporation as a whole, but participation in such special activities may not:

1. have the primary affect of advancing a special product, group or company;

2. make unreasonable demands upon the time and energies of staff or students or upon   the resources of the Corporation;

3. involve any direct cost to the Corporation;

4. interrupt the regular school program unless the student body as a whole derives    benefit from such activities;

5. cause the participants to leave the School Corporation, unless:

a. in compliance with Board's policy 2340 (Field and Other Corporation- Sponsored Trips).

Sponsoring organizations must seek approval by submitting, in writing to the Superintendent, guidelines for contests/exhibits sixty days prior to the promotion of the events.

Guidelines must include rules, time lines, awards, and manner of adjudication.

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