Board Policies

Adoption Date: Aug 14, 1991

The Board recognizes that the grouping of grades and services within the facilities of the Corporation can assist the efficient operation of the Corporation and help achieve a more effective instructional program.

The Superintendent continually shall monitor the effectiveness of the Corporation organizational plan and recommend to the Board such modifications in the plan which are in the best interests of the students, make wisest use of Corporation resources, and serve the educational goals of the Board.

Modifications in the organizational plan of the schools may be made by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the Corporation and be responsible for its operation.

All administrative and supervisory positions in the Corporation are established initially by the Board, or by State law, or both.

On occasion, the Superintendent may find it necessary to recommend to the Board the employment of specialists or consultants to maintain or support programs implemented by the Corporation in areas requiring specialized knowledge.  These positions will be considered by the Board on the merits of their potential contribution to the Corporation and the specific conditions of the stated contract or agreement.

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