Board Policies

Adoption Date: Apr 28, 2004
Revision Date: Jan 25, 2006

A substitute teacher shall be a person fully qualified, as per requirements for substitute teachers, set by the State of Indiana, to instruct in the Corporation and who is employed for short periods of time in the absence of the regular teacher because of illness or professional duties.

Suitable programs for hiring, training, assigning, orienting, and evaluating the work of substitute teachers shall be provided by the professional staff under the direction of the Superintendent.

Rates of compensation for substitute teachers will be set by the Board.

Substitute teachers will not participate in the health and welfare plans or other fringe benefits of the Corporation.

Substitute teachers are to be used to replace absent teachers whenever possible.  The Superintendent or his/her designee will select substitutes from an eligibility list prepared by the Superintendent or his/her designee.  Teachers are not to arrange for their own substitutes. The Superintendent will develop guidelines to implement this policy.

I.C. 20-28-9-7

I.C. 20-28-9-8
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