Board Policies

Adoption Date: Apr 28, 2004

No teacher or professional employee of the Corporation shall be paid except based upon a written contract entered into by and between the employee and the Corporation.  Written contracts may be mailed by regular United States mail by the Corporation to any teacher or professional employee as the same appears upon the records of the Business Office of the Corporation (except that no such contract shall be mailed to any certified personnel notified by May 1 of that Calendar year of termination of his/her contract).  If said contracts so mailed are executed and returned to the Business Office of the Corporation within a reasonable length of time, as determined in advance by the Board, said contract shall be in full force and effect.  Failure by a teacher or professional employee to return the Contract to the Business Office of the Corporation within the time specified by the Board, after the date of mailing, shall be considered that the teacher waives all further employment rights with the Corporation.  Written contracts shall be entered into only with licensed personnel (or substitutes) for classroom teaching assignments.

An individual extension of the deadline for the return of a contract may be granted by the Superintendent if the Superintendent believes the teacher’s personal situation requires the extension and that the extension can be granted without harm to the Corporation.  A teacher’s request for such an extension of time shall be made in writing to the Superintendent and shall include the reason for the request.  If the request is granted, notice thereof shall be given by the Superintendent to the teacher in writing.

1. To insure better communication, improve employment procedures, and provide more consistent personnel practices, all persons responsible for selecting teachers or teacher aides and library coordinators for the various programs in the Corporation must submit in writing the names of persons recommended for these positions.  Under no circumstances are persons to be employed without the advance approval and sanction of the Director of Personnel who is responsible for coordinating such employment with the Assistant Superintendents.  No commitment under any circumstances should be made to teachers, teacher aides, or library coordinators without the prior approval of the Director of Personnel.

2. Non-certified personnel including secretaries, noon duty or playground supervisors, cafeteria personnel, custodians, maintenance workers, work study, etc., may be offered employment only with prior approval from the Assistant Superintendent, Business Manager, Director of Support Services or others. 

The Board will approve all employment appointments, including non-certified employees.

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