Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 24, 1998
Revision Date: Apr 11, 2012
4120.08 - VOLUNTEERS

The Board recognizes that more individualization and greater attention to the unique needs of students can be provided through the use of volunteers.  Moreover, utilizing volunteers provides an opportunity to generate community interest and contribute to the public relations effort of the Board.  Therefore, the Board endorses the concept of utilizing community volunteers who are willing to devote time and talent to expand learning experiences.


The Building Administrator shall be responsible for recruiting community volunteers, reviewing the capabilities of each applicant, and making appropriate placements.  S/He shall not be obligated to place volunteers whose abilities are not in accord with the Corporation’s needs.  Once selected, each volunteer shall be reported as a volunteer to the Personnel Office.


Any volunteer with ongoing contact with students shall be required to submit to a criminal history check. “Ongoing contact” shall be interpreted as direct supervision of students in an isolated setting. This could include but is not limited to the following: field trip supervision, tutoring, athletic coaching and mentoring.


All volunteers shall be required to fill out a Volunteer Application form.


The Superintendent or designee may terminate the services of any volunteer deemed not beneficial to the instructional program.


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