Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 09, 2004
Revision Date: Aug 25, 2010

The Board affirms that, while Indiana Law requires attendance of each student until sixteen (16) years of age, it is in the best interest of both the students and the community that they complete the education program that will equip them with skills and increase their chances for a successful and fulfilling life beyond the schools.


A student may not withdraw from school unless the withdrawal is due to:


1.      Financial hardship and the student must be employed in order to support the family;

2.      The student’s illness; or

3.      An order of the court with jurisdiction over the student


Whenever a student, sixteen (16) to eighteen (18) years of age, wishes to withdraw from school, the Superintendent shall ensure that an exit interview will be conducted with the student, his/her parent or guardian, the school principal and other appropriate members of the professional staff.  The exit interview will follow all applicable Indiana laws.


IC 20-33-2-9
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