Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 15, 2002

The Board values excellence and wishes to instill in students the desire to do their best.  It shall be the policy of this Board, therefore, to recognize outstanding accomplishment in both curricular and extra-curricular areas.

A letter or other approved recognition may be awarded for scholarship and distinguished service in such fields as academics, art, music, drama, and athletics.

All end of year honors shall be awarded upon recommendation of appropriate faculty members with approval of the principal and Superintendent.

The acceptance of trophies, prizes, or awards to be conferred upon students from persons not connected with the schools is not approved unless the school staff determines that the origins and purposes of such trophies, prizes, or awards are consistent with school goals and unless the school staff maintains the power of selection.  This shall not be interpreted as prohibiting the acceptance of gifts or grants for scholarships which are not connected with contests and which are free from motives of personal gain or publicity.

The Board requests the Superintendent to maintain a plan for recognition of outstanding student achievement based on well-defined, consistent criteria and standards.

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