Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 15, 2002
Revision Date: Jan 28, 2015

The Board acknowledges that the solicitation of funds by or from students must be limited in scope.  Pupils as representatives of the schools are denied the right to make door-to-door canvas for solicitation or sales. Exception to this policy shall be only by approval through the Superintendent.
Marion Community Schools will permit one school-wide fundraising initiative per building per year.  Additionally, each extra-curricular and co-curricular group/team may plan at least one fundraising event for profit each year.
Fundraisers selling food items that do not meet the federal nutrition standards are limited to two such fundraisers per school building per school year.  No fundraiser where any form of currency is  exchanged for food items will be allowed in any school during the school day.
A list of all fundraising activities for the upcoming school year shall be submitted for Board approval at the second scheduled meeting of the Board in May.  Upon Board action, fundraising activities are approved through the last day of May of the following year.  Approvals of fundraising requests are valid for one year only and must be resubmitted annually.
Board approved fundraising activities will be posted on the Corporation web-site.
The Superintendent shall require completion of Form 5830A providing detailed information regarding the proposed fundraising activity.  These completed forms will be included in the packet of fundraising requests submitted to the Board at the second Board meeting each May.
Fundraising requests that are not approved by the Board in May are to be submitted to the Superintendent for approval on Form 5830A.  If the fundraiser is held within the school day by students where 100% of the profits are for school benefit, the activity only needs approval from the building principal with documentation (Form 5830A) sent to the Assistant Superintendent.
An effort will be made to schedule school-wide fundraisers for each school so they do not run concurrent with other school-wide fundraisers in the district.

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