Board Policies

Adoption Date: Feb 08, 2000
Revision Date: Apr 26, 2006

The Corporation will follow all laws of the State of Indiana and the State Board of Education regarding graduation requirements, diplomas, certificates of achievement and certificates of completion.


Students who earn a diploma, certificate of achievement, or certificate of completion will be permitted to participate in graduation ceremonies. No student who has completed the requirements for graduation shall be denied a diploma/certificate as a disciplinary measure.  A student may be denied participation in the ceremony of graduation when personal conduct so warrants.


Marion High School provides the following:


1.                  Marion High School Diploma – to be issued to students who have met local and state guidelines for graduation.  This will include students who have met the graduation standards or who have been granted a waiver in accordance with the local waiver policy.


2.                  Marion High School Certificate of Achievement – to be issued to special education students who have attended but have not met the credit requirements established by MHS or the State of Indiana.  This will be issued to special education students who are not capable of earning a diploma but who complete the public school educational program prescribed in the student’s I.E.P.


3.                  Marion High School Certificate of Completion – to be issued to students who have met local standards in regard to earning the necessary credits but have not met Indiana standards by qualifying for a waiver according to the district waiver policy or passing the Graduation Qualifying Exam.

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511 IAC 5-1-1 to 6
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