Board Policies

Adoption Date: Jun 28, 2006
Revision Date: Jan 28, 2015

The Board supports increased emphasis on nutrition as well as physical activity at all grade levels to enhance the well-being of the Corporation’s students. Therefore, it is the policy of the Board to:

  1. Provide student access to nutritious food and beverages;
  2. Provide opportunities for physical activity and developmentally appropriate exercise;
  3. Require that all meals served by the Corporation meet Federal nutritional guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture;
  4. Establish a health council to annually review corporation wellness policies and to recommend necessary changes pursuant to Indiana Code; and
  5. Ensure daily physical activity for students in elementary school.

The Board will provide and promote the National School Lunch and Breakfast Programs to ensure that all students have access to healthy foods to support healthier choices and promote optimal learning.
The Superintendent and his/her designee shall jointly share the operational responsibilities for ensuring that the provisions of this policy and its regulations are met.  The Superintendent will assign an individual to report to the Board on an annual basis the progress of the Corporation in implementing this policy.
The Superintendent is also responsible to prepare rules, regulations, and guidelines to implement and support this policy.  Such provisions should address all food and beverages sold and/or served to students at schools, including competitive food sales, vending machine items, fund-raising activities, and rewards to students.

42 U.S.C. 1751
42 U.S.C. 1758b
I.C. 20-26-9-18

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