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Adoption Date: Jul 13, 2006



The intra-district transfer process is available to allow flexibility in choice of school within the school district.  Parents/Guardians shall be notified on an annual basis regarding intra-district transfer procedures.  This notification shall be done to ensure parents/guardians sufficient time for transfer application.


Requests for intra-district transfers must be initiated by the parents/guardians.  Applications are available in any school building and in the central administrative office.  Applications should be returned to the central administrative office.   The central administrative office shall approve or deny the request.  The central administrative office shall be responsible for notifying the parent, the principal of the receiving school, and the principal of the school in the student’s attendance area of the disposition of the transfer request. Transfer requests made pursuant to Title I requirements will receive priority over other intra-district transfer requests.


Reasons used to approve or deny transfer requests include the following:


  1. There is a lack of space or teaching staff within a particular program or school requested.


  1. The program or school does not meet established state and federal laws.  In the case of a student with disabilities, the student’s current Individual Education Plan (IEP) shall be used to determine if the school can meet the student’s needs.


Students who wish to transfer to a different school must reapply for a transfer in accordance with the above regulations.


Each principal will maintain a file of all transfer requests to that building.  A copy will be forwarded to the central office for record-keeping purposes.




Transportation of students attending a school outside their attendance area will be the responsibility of the parents/guardians.  The District will not provide transportation of students outside their attendance areas.


Students transferred under Title I provisions will be provided transportation to school as required by federal law.


Transfer Priorities


It shall be the policy of the Board of Education to honor intra-district transfer requests providing space is available and no extenuating conditions exist related to the child’s enrollment.  The Board shall establish student transfer priorities according to the criteria below:


  1. First priority will be granted to Title I transfer requests made pursuant to the ESEA criteria and right of transfer provided to parents under ESEA.


  1. Second priority will be granted to a student who is currently attending their present school due to a transfer request.


  1. Third priority will be granted to a sibling, including step brothers and sisters and half-brothers and sisters, of a transfer student provided the transfer student will also be in attendance at the receiving schools.


  1. Fourth priority will be granted to students whose parents/guardians are employed with MCS.


  1. All other transfer applications will be selected based on an unbiased, random process such as a lottery.  Waiting

       lists will be established and augmented regularly from this unbiased, random selection process.

Policy 5120
20 US Section 6313(b)(10(E)
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