Board Policies

Adoption Date: Sep 26, 2012

Marion High School

Credit by Examination


The State Board of Education has allowed schools to waive the definition of “credit.”


As a result:


1)      Credit can be awarded “based on demonstration of proficiency.”

2)      The proficiency level must be at or greater than the level required to pass the Core 40 End of Course Assessment (ECA).

3)      Grades and credits are awarded by an appropriately licensed teacher.


At Marion High School, credit can be awarded to students who pass the Core 40 End of Course assessments in the following subjects:  Algebra I, Biology, and English 10.  Additional courses are expected to be added to the Core 40 ECA list. In the event that a student has failed the class but passed the ECA, the student will receive a D on his/her transcript and receive credit for the course.


See policy 5461 for high school credits earned in Algebra I and Biology prior to grade 9.

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