Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 03, 2013
Response to Suicide Threats
The first time a student makes a threat of suicide (verbally, in writing, or drawing) to any staff member the following procedure should be followed:
1. Refer the student to the building’s social worker.  Never leave the student alone or allow student to go anywhere alone. Student should be with a staff member at all times.
2. Notify the building principal and safety director.  If student is in a special program, notify the director of the program.
3. Social worker to call parent/guardian.  Parent/guardian must come to the school for meeting with social worker and to pick up student. If parent/guardian is unavailable contact the emergency contact number listed for the student to locate parent/guardian.  If unable to reach anyone, student should remain under the supervision of the social worker or school nurse. If student cannot be managed at school contact the Marion Police Department at 662-9981.
4. After contacting parent/guardian, call School Resource Officer at Marion High School at 664-9051 to come to ascertain whether the student’s current condition requires an Immediate Detention Order. If the School Resource Officer is not available, contact the Marion Police Department at 662-9981.
5. Ask parent/guardian if student is being seen by a licensed mental health professional.  If student is being seen by a licensed mental health professional ask parent/guardian for permission to talk to student’s therapist.  Have parent/guardian sign release form granting permission to do so. 
6.  Inform parent/guardian that MCS would like student to be evaluated by a licensed mental health professional and request that the school receive confirmation that evaluation has been completed (i.e. letter with recommendations from the Mental Health Agency or a copy of the actual assessment).
7. Give parent/guardian copies of resource list, contact information for local mental health agencies, and have parent/guardian sign form indicating that they’ve received these documents.
8. Give student contact information for the Suicide Prevention Hotline.
9. Document incident in detail.
10. Arrange a time for follow-up with the student by the social worker.
If you’ve followed the procedures above and feel that the parent/guardian will not take stiff measures to protect the student, notify CPS.
Follow this procedure for every threat of suicide. 
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