Board Policies

Adoption Date: Apr 23, 2014
1.             Disciplinary Actions
                Subject to the Indiana Student Discipline Code and to school board policy and administrative rules, the superintendent, principal, any administrative personnel, or any teacher of Marion Community Schools is authorized to take any action in connection with student behavior, including behavior defined as “bullying” by state law, which is reasonably desirable or necessary to help any student, to further school purposes, or to prevent an interference with school purposes. Disciplinary actions may include:
                a.             Counseling with a student or group of students;
                b.             Conferences with a parent or group of parents;
                c.             Assigning students additional work;
                d.             Rearranging class schedules;
                e.             Requiring a student to remain in school after regular school hours to do additional work or for counseling;
                f.              Restriction of extracurricular activity;
                g.             Assignment by the principal to a special course of study, an alternative educational program, or an alternative school;
                h.             Assignment by the principal to community service by the student that is in compliance with state law;
                i.              Removal of a student from school sponsored transportation;
                j.              Referral to the juvenile court having jurisdiction over the student;
                k.             In-school or out-of-school suspension; or
                l.              Expulsion.
2.             Required Participation By Parents
Persons having care of a dependent student (parents/ guardians/custodians) may be required to participate in meetings, conferences, and hearings in connections with a student's behavior. In the case of expulsion meetings, the parent/guardian/custodian may be required to attend a meeting to determine the educational future of the child (i.e. whether the child is removed from or retained in school or placed in an alternative program).
  1. When participation in the above-stated gatherings is required, Marion Community Schools shall notify the parent/guardian/custodian of the date, time, place, and purpose of the gathering in one of the following ways:
  2. Telephone contact by a school official at least five (5) days in advance of the meeting, conference, or hearing. Telephone contact will be followed up by a letter of confirmation by regular or certified mail.
The superintendent, principal, or other administrative personnel shall be authorized, with parental consent, to require behavioral testing, counseling, or drug or alcohol abuse evaluation by a licensed agency approved by Marion Community Schools if such testing, counseling, or evaluation is necessary to help any student, to further school purposes, or to prevent an interference with school purposes. The cost of these services shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian/custodian and the Marion Community Schools may require, with parental consent, the release of the results, progress reports, and other information to appropriate school officials.

3.             Non-Compliance Of Parents
Non-compliance of parents/guardians/custodians with the provisions of this policy may be considered educational neglect with the child being considered a "child in need of services” in accordance with Indiana law (I.C. 31-34-1-7). Where the child’s behavior has been repeatedly disruptive in the school and the parent, guardian or custodian fails to participate in a disciplinary proceeding in connection with the child’s behavior, the matter will be referred to the Child Protective Services Division of Public Welfare.

Legal Source:
I.C. 20-33-8-25
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Apr. 24 2014