Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 27, 1993

For those employees not covered by the terms of a negotiated master contract, the Board authorizes that certain deductions may be made from an employee’s paycheck upon proper authorization on the appropriate form.

A. Federal and State income tax;

B. Social Security;

C. County local option income tax;

D. Public Employees Retirement Fund;

E. State Teachers Retirement Fund;

F. Section 125 deductions (cafeteria plans);

G. Savings in a chartered credit union;

H. Contributions to charitable corporations not-for-profit and community fund organizations;

I. Payment of dues to labor or other organizations;

J. Payment of group insurance premiums;

K. Payment for benefits of part-time employees who elect to participate in benefits provided to full-time staff.

The Board also declares its willingness to enter into an agreement with any of its employees whereby the employee agrees to take a reduction in salary with respect to amounts earned after the effective date of such agreement in return for the Board’s agreement to use a corresponding amount to purchase an annuity for such employee (or group of employees desiring the same annuity company) from any company authorized to transact the business as specified in law in accordance with the Corporation’s administrative guidelines.  However, it shall be clearly understood that the Board’s only function shall be the deduction and remittance of employee funds.

Said agreement shall comply with all of the provisions of law and may be terminated as said law provides upon notice in writing by either party.  Employees shall notify the Superintendent’s Office in writing if they wish to participate in such a program.

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