Board Policies

Adoption Date: Dec 27, 1993
Revision Date: Apr 28, 2004

It is the policy of the Board that real property acquisition price be based on a true value with regard to fair remuneration to the seller but not on enhancement of the value of the site to the seller.  The presence of a school to service a potential development itself enhances the profit potential to a developer.  It is the Board’s sole purpose to provide a service to the residents in a development at the least possible cost to the taxpayers.

The Superintendent shall be responsible for site acquisition negotiations.  Negotiations for site acquisition shall be conducted as much as possible within the following guidelines:

A. Roadways and utility costs to be shared will be calculated on a front footage basis of the proposed site and shall be included only where actual installation has occurred.

A. The Board shall not share such development costs as engineering, earthmoving, litigation, etc. in determining the fair value of the site to be purchased.

Discussion of possible school sites may be carried on in a closed session of the Board, but all official actions must be taken in an open, public meeting.  Official Board action is required to execute a valid contract, and a record of that action must be a part of the minutes of the Board.  The process used in acquiring real property must be in accordance with law.  Any deviation from the strict requirements of the law may render the transaction void.

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